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Shaun White for Target: Jesse White Sketches

by Doug Black
on 11 June 2009

Tailor made for the cash-strapped board sports fan, the Shaun White for Target collection is a clothing line created by the 22-year-old snowboarding phenom for the Minnesota-based retailer. Hitting shelves this fall, the forthcoming line is the collaboration's second season, following a highly successful 2008 launch.

While the new clothes officially take inspiration from White's life "along with his interest in music and travel," the line has always been a collaboration with older brother (and manager) Jesse. Along with his signature Burton line, the genesis of each Shaun White item involves brainstorming followed by hand sketches courtesy of Jesse. We were able to get a peek into his notebook at designs for the upcoming Target line (a few looks are pictured below). The drawings vacillate between technical apparel renderings and whimsical cartoons like the "skate monster," most of which made it into the final collection.


The new Shaun White for Target collection will be available in the fall at all Target locations and online. Check out more Jesse White sketches after the jump.

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