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In Da Hooda

by Fiona Killackey
on 11 July 2007

Few fashion items satisfy the way a good hoodie can and it's safe to say that they have joined the likes of jeans and tees as a wardrobe staple. Similarly, finding a decent hood is about as tedious a task as locating a quality-fit pair of denim threads or a tee that manages to say something original. However, Aussie label Hooda serves up refreshingly original pieces in the otherwise saturated market of surf and streetwear. Made with a love for quality design and a quest to present something new, Hooda creations are unique and fresh. CH checked in with designers Rachael Bannister and Michael Partridge to talk about mothers, fabric and Mark Gonzalez.

How did Hooda begin?
Sometime last year I asked Gail (my partner Michael's mum) to make me one of her famous handmade hoodies using some of my favorite fabric for the lining. It turned out to be my new favorite thing, worn everywhere. I knew my friends would die for a plain hoodie with a touch of flair because it's so hard to find decent ones without a brand name splashed all over it. After a few wines at the local Mexican restaurant Michael and I managed to convince Gail of their originality and potential…and we decided to make a go of it.

What differentiates Hooda from others out there?
They are handmade with care and not produced in some sweatshop. People also get a choice of what they want so they can buy something truly individual. We only get a small amount of each print so they're not mass produced and they remain unique.

If you could have one person in the world in Hooda, who would it be?
Chloë Sevigny would be cool 'cause she's always wearing quirky individual stuff. As true living art, I think Mark Gonzalez is exactly what Hoodas intend to be: unique.

So, how do we get one?
You can check out how to order on our MySpace page or just email us (myhooda [at] gmail [dot] com) for more info.

We will have a website up and running soon:

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