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Hugh Hefner's Playboy

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 21 December 2009

If the recent buzz around Playboy's rebranding has you hankering for more, Taschen's massive six-volume collection, titled "Hugh Hefner's Playboy" explores the magazine's phenomenal impact on nudity and sex. As Playboy faces declining sales and moves to bolster new readership, the collection suggests Playboy ongoing relevance today.


The collection includes a page-for-page reproduction of the very first issue with cover star Marilyn Monroe, as well as 700 pages of Hefner's autobiographical content. The octogenarian pulled cartoon work, letters and personal behind-the-scenes photos from his attic, elucidating his ascent for fame, the edition paints a complete picture of the man and his empire.


Showcasing 59 of Playboy's best centerfolds, the collection doesn't leave out the other important facet of the magazine—the articles. Pieces from influential writers such as Ray Bradbury, Gore Vidal and Jack Kerouac alongside interviews with Martin Luther King and John Lennon regularly graced the monthly.


Retailing for upwards of $1,000, each numbered set includes a swatch from Hefner's iconic silk robe on the first page and comes boxed in a 10-mm thick Plexiglass display case. It sells online from Amazon.

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