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London's latest retail space for the well-dressed male

by CH Contributor
on 16 September 2010

by Barnaby Slater


Flawlessly merging a unique interior aesthetic with an eclectic menswear collection, Hostem is what the red-blooded gentlemen of East London have been waiting for.

Owner James Brown cut the ribbon three months ago, yearning for "a space in which I could support the brands I really believed in." Once inside this emporium of reclaimed antiquity, James' ethos shapes your entire retail experience, bringing together an inventive mix of luxe streetwear and exclusive handmade tailoring from unfathomably talented designers such as Casely Hayford, Visvim, Dr Romanelli, Ann Demeulemeester and Damir Doma.

hostem2.jpg hostem3.jpg

Hostem houses two main rooms realized by celebrated interior design duo Jamesplumb, who engineered each space to appeal to the different requirements of a modern man's wardrobe. The first attends to casual desires with snazzy sneakers tempting from their concrete plinths, while classic cottons and comfy cashmeres hang from bespoke, hand-bent metal rails.


Room two concentrates on the niche, with hand-painted hessian wall panels and a more visionary array of clothing, allowing shoppers to lose themselves in the luxury of every tiny detail— from the cut of a Geoffrey B. Small trouser to the feel of the re-claimed church pew you perch on to decide whether you can justify an acquisition from the impressive jewelry and fragrance selections too.

hostem5.jpg hostem6.jpg

More than just another East London menswear boutique, Hostem is a visceral experience where exceptional, unrivaled collections meet wondrous hand-crafted design, leaving you feeling like you've discovered something that no-one else knows about. Best of all—you can wear that feeling home.

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