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Havaianas Summer '08-'09

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 24 July 2008

Sure, Brazil is famous for inventing the thong, but it's reinvented another type of thong that thankfully doesn't require being born with lucky genes to wear: the classic rubber sandal. You're looking at some models from Havaianas' upcoming summer '08-'09 season that will eventually make their way off the southern continent and closer to you.

Standout variations include sandals whose footbed print glows under a blacklight; the entire "Slim" line with charms of different animals, a collection super popular because of its thin straps; colorful and beautiful watercolor art depicting Brazil's biodiversity (Havaianas has been donating 7% of its net revenue to the non-profit Ecological Research Institute since 2004).


We also like a surf-themed set; an India-inspired pair with ankle band; and the version that started it all for the company, the simple white sole with colored straps but now in new hues.


Havaianas has been steadily usurping more and more established U.S. beach sandal brands in the last few years and like Melissa, their worldwide domination doesn't seem so far away.

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