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Endossa Collective Retail

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 12 June 2008

Like a brick-and-mortar version of Etsy, São Paulo's Endossa is an innovative approach to retail geared for micro-entrepreneurs. Providing all the benefits and support of a physical store (including software to help vendors manage their products carried in the shop), Endossa rents cubby-like boxes out to upcoming designers within their space on one of the most famous streets in the city. They don't charge a commission—a relief for vendors already cutting prices low to get their products bought by the public—and operate under a Creative Commons slant that invites anyone to play with Endossa's overall identity.

But this doesn't mean the quality suffers; in fact, the brands are consistently pushing the status quo because they know their neighbor is competing for the same customers. Boxes are differently sized and carry everything from customized slip-on canvas shoes to vintage finds. Some designers have taken to decorating their box just as if it were a mini store, giving it its own identity, and brands are also responsible for setting price and stock. As a further boost, Endossa lists the brands and its products on their site.


The store is only a few months old, but the public will decide if this remains a viable concept. (Above left photo courtesy of Aline Aiba and above left photo courtesy Crazy Dani.

Rua Augusta, 1360
São Paulo, Brazil map
tel. +55 (11) 3171-1879

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