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Emily Green Jewelry

The Melbourne-based designer makes candy-colored earrings that are part modern-day and part Flintstones

by Katie Olsen
on 04 March 2014
EmilyGreen-1a.jpg EmilyGreen-1b.jpg

Melbourne-based designer Emily Green made a name for herself by designing bright, handmade polymer clay necklaces a while back. She has since taken part in a number of artistic and home decor projects, ranging from creating crafty paper chandeliers to collaborating with high street labels and even producing a range of limited edition nail varnishes.

While all her colorful and playful designs are attention-grabbing, CH was particularly taken with Green's collection of drop earrings. Also composed of hand-formed polymer clay, the earrings are at once modern and retro, simple but refined—and a lot of fun. The aesthetic bounces between '80s nostalgia, Ken Done-esque colors and brushstrokes and the chunky jewelry stylings of the Flintstones.

EmilyGreen-2a.jpg EmilyGreen-2b.jpg

Green also makes scarves, prints and dreamy, candy-colored shoes—which are particularly covetable. All products are available at her online store, with earrings starting at $45 and shoes $159.

Check out the slideshow to view more earrings.

Images courtesy of Emily Green

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