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~Elt Buckle-less Belt

by Ami Kealoha
on 31 March 2008

From the fertile mind of Sruli Recht (whom we last saw crafting utterly amazing handmade shoes in exotic skins), the ~Elt strips the accessory down to a strip of leather with interlocking teeth designed to hold it together. While working on ideas to make a belt without a buckle, "an exploration in removing the function from the function," Sruli was inspired by his fingers interwoven in thought.

Cut using a jet of water and entirely Iceland-made (from the handmade packaging to the leather itself), the conceptual accessory—taking "a step backward away from the modern decorative whilst utilising the modern rococo in a robo-coco application. The future is the machined"—could almost be a design manifesto. It's also aiport security-friendly.

In four colors, flesh, bone, ash and rust, and in three widths (three, four and five centimeters), the ~Elt is available at Bblessing in NYC and BelleVille in Reykjavic. (See more images after the jump.)

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