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~Elt Buckle-less Belt

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 31 March 2008


From the fertile mind of Sruli Recht (whom we last saw crafting utterly amazing handmade shoes in exotic skins), the ~Elt strips the accessory down to a strip of leather with interlocking teeth designed to hold it together. While working on ideas to make a belt without a buckle, "an exploration in removing the function from the function," Sruli was inspired by his fingers interwoven in thought.

Cut using a jet of water and entirely Iceland-made (from the handmade packaging to the leather itself), the conceptual accessory—taking "a step backward away from the modern decorative whilst utilising the modern rococo in a robo-coco application. The future is the machined"—could almost be a design manifesto. It's also aiport security-friendly.

In four colors, flesh, bone, ash and rust, and in three widths (three, four and five centimeters), the ~Elt is available at Bblessing in NYC and BelleVille in Reykjavic. (See more images after the jump.)


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