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Denim Exhibit

An art show looking at the cultural influence of denim

by Karen Day
on 26 January 2010
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From coal mines to fashion, the upcoming show "Denim" explores another side of the enduring textile through the works of various of-the-moment artists. Curated by David Rimanelli—art critic who writes for magazines including ArtForum, Vogue Paris and Interview—the exhibition takes a deeper look at the ever-appealing fabric, positioning its role throughout recent cultural history.

Seen through Rimanelli's eyes, denim not only changed the shape of fashion since its inception over 200 years ago but also functioned as a vehicle for a range of attitudes and ideas that ultimately influenced society. Most famously denim became the preference of rebels during the 1950s, famously worn by actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean in films to convey a counterculture spirit.

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Denim's iconic role among various subcultures doesn't just show up in classic cinema but also in the artwork of Andy Warhol, a scrupulous denim connoisseur who graced the cover of l'Uomo Vogue's special denim issue in 1980. Other artists in the show include Karlheinz Weinberger, Valie Export and K8 Hardy.

"Denim" will also feature a mix of media from artists Knut Asdam, Tom Burr, Hanna Liden, Klara Liden, Jack Pierson, Rob Pruitt and Michael Smith.

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