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DARR: Walrus Doctor's Bag

by Tim Yu
on 15 March 2007

In a neighborhood jammed with antique stores DARR stands out for its unusual inventory on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue. Among eclectic furniture, busts and many offbeat cabinet-of-curiousity-like items (turtle shells, whale bones, etc.), we found this doctor's bag (click on images for detail). Made of walrus skin, the bag is fairly large, durable, and perfectly worn—very au courant for the enduring neo-19th century look of late. Popular with film sets and photo shoots, the bag is only available to rent.

Curated and owned by Hicham Benmira and Brian Cousins, a series of imposing mounted taxidermy heads, including a huge bison, buck and moose, welcome you into DARR. The rest of the shop has similarly inspired items If you're looking for men's clothing with the same aesthetic and feel visit their men's clothing shop across the street, Hollander & Lexer.

369 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217 map
+1 718 797 9733

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