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Chrishabana Jewelry

by Letizia Rossi
on 31 January 2007

A slightly different approach than the delicate scenes made of hair by Melanie Bilenker's jewelry, the latest offering from Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Chrishabana feature charms strung on braided locks of human hair. Drawing on the 18th century tradition of curling, plaiting and weaving hair into decorative motifs, Chrishabana's pieces return the air of sentimentality to hair as a medium. The collection features three versions of the Braided Charm Bracelet: the Gold/Blonde bracelet is adorned with gold dipped brass molar and heart shaped charms, the Vamp Red/Auburn Bracelet has red auto lacquered brass charms of encircled bull, molars and a skull, and the Matte Black/Black Bracelet features black auto lacquered brass charms of a fist, molar sand an encircled bull. The bracelets are $180 and available exclusively at All Purpose in Los Angeles. They're tied into to the store's spring theme "Whiplash," a limited edition collection consisting of torched and twisted metal chains on cord necklaces inspired by the loss of innocence following James Dean's death.

All Purpose
144 South Flores Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
+01 323 866 1828

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