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Chinatown Soccer Club Tees

by Wendy Dembo in Style on 11 August 2006

Chinatown Soccer Club (CSC) T-shirts. CSC, a loose group of players, was formed during the 2002 World Cup. They meet mornings year-round in Chinatown to play soccer. Most of the members are supercreative types. Photographer Gerhard Stochl and photographer and documentary filmmaker Peter Sutherland have joined forces to share the CSC soccer community with others. CSC member Justin Fines of Demo Design came up with the logo and both Gerhard and Peter have taken photos for the site and gave out shirts and stickers at the World Cup this year in Germany. And now CSC is available in NYC at the aNYthing Gangstore. If you are not in NYC you can email about buying them. Look for more gear in the future.


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