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Bruce Reads

by Carol T Chung in Style on 12 July 2005


In Spanish, the word 'lee' is the third person conjugated form of the verb 'to read'. This witty pop culture double meaning is from Frank Lourenço, an extravagant t-shirt designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The other shirts displayed on the site are just as quirky, funny, and some out right bizarre. A combination that rightly reflects his rather fantastically questionable life. Unfortunately, these shirts are currently only available in Buenos Aires.

UPDATE: If you really just have to have it, shoot the people over at Frank Lourenço an email and they'll give you a set of instructions to have it sent to you in the U.S. I must warn you though, it's a bit of snail mail acrobatics. But hey, you'll get your shirt though. $25 for one shirt. $45 for two. And $70 for three.


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