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B.Luxo Store

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 22 December 2008

Adding to the list of São Paulo's top 2008 success stories, the duo behind the Freakstyle street fashion blog and sought-after B.Luxo Vintage store have just opened another boutique, this time under a strictly conceptual guise. The idea is that they pick out only a handful of national apparel and accessories designers—like Rödel LA and Andre Lacerdo—who aren't selling in any other stores, as well as use it to launch their own '80s-glam-club-inspired collection. The premise guarantees them exclusivity and means the designers they feature are wonderfully fresh-faced; in fact, most of the designers have been selling to just friends and acquaintances while keeping 9-to-5 jobs.

The tiny store's black, minimal-is-more aesthetics make it look like it was taken straight from the shopping districts of Berlin. The top floor is dedicated to a changing room and hangout space, plastered with photos from their blog, to give customers a feeling that they're dressing up to go out to a party.

Stay tuned for profiles of a few of these hot designers in the coming weeks.


B.Luxo Store
Rua Augusta, 2633, no. 18
São Paulo, Brazil map
tel. +55 (11) 30621978

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