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by Jonah Samson
on 25 March 2008

Few stores out there offer to give you just what you want in bed, but a great little shop in Vancouver called "Bed" (that also sells online) has made that its motto.

For several years, Bed has been offering some of the most unique bedding available by making products that are all about dramatic patterns and brilliant colors. I love the endless combinations of colorful floral patterns, but it's the cowboys and pirates that make me want to put on my p.j.'s and settle in for the night. If patterns aren't your style or you're looking for something to coordinate, there's an endless selection of brilliant solids. (More images after the jump.)

All of their bedding is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton and is manufactured locally. Check out their up-to-date website for samples, where they've divided their products by fabric and then subdivided them by color. Most of the images throughout the site are direct scans of fabrics (wrinkles and all). Choose the fabric, choose the color and then choose the size—it makes for easy online shopping. Of course, if you're in Vancouver be sure to stop by the store in person.

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