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by Josh Rubin in Style on 30 March 2006


A+R is a newly opened design shop by Andy Griffith, a former film editor and partner Rose Apodaca, previously the L.A. bureau chief of WWD. While searching for a restaurant space in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles they stumbled upon a vacant storefront—too small for an actual restaurant, they decided instead to open an "international lifestyle design" store. The raw space let the pair design to their taste, including custom fixtures.

Andy and Rose (A+R) have scoured the globe for all things odd, useful and decorative creating a well edited, modern eccentric shop. Many of the products are locally exclusive (some are even U.S. exclusives). The work of young artists mingles with that of fledgling designers, including everything from molded ceramics and one of a kind stuffed toys to resin belt buckles and author-signed books.

More pics and details after the jump.

Boy 5497

Some of the most interesting items come from a Czech Republic design company called Qubus. One standout is this ceramic vase, a perfect replica of a Wellington boot, right down to the ridges along the sole. An original solution for flowers or as a sculptural artifact. Other utilitarian designs by the firm include drinking glasses/vases. One is made from a mold of the bottom of a 1 litre Coca-Cola bottle and the other is a whimsical glass made to look like a plastic cup, a not-so-subtle testimony of the need for recycling.


For the child in you (or your child) there is a line of stuffed animals from German designer Andreas Linzner. The toys' fanciful fabrics come from antique terry cloth towels that are found from his travels around the world and include a floppy eared elephant and a monkey. These are one of a kind pieces because his designs are always changing in size, shape and material. Custom animals are available upon request.

1716 Silverlake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
+1 323 913 9558
and soon on their site.

Contributed by Michael Kucmeroski


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