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by Ami Kealoha in Style on 04 May 2006


With summer around the corner, the timing’s perfect for renowned surf artist Andy Davis's recently-opened boutique-slash-gallery called Andoland in Costa Mesa, CA. Andy conceives of the project as “Ando and Friends,” a “visual vineyard where friends share with friends our pot luck of products from t-shirts to tote bags or whatever is tickling our fancy at any given moment.” The debut lines “Andoland,” which features Andy's art and “Plah” (Peace Love and Happiness) with the works of friend Bobby K are limited in production, beautifully screened on soft cotton, and have embroidered detailing. Future collaborations will feature Andy’s friends and top artists such as Jeff Canham, Alex Kopps, Geoff McFetridge, and Alex Knost.

When I visited Andoland I was really stoked to meet Andy Davis and the rest of the team. They explained Andoland was “just about making people feel good,” and the store had a laid-back Southern California vibe. Decorated with a rotating collection of art ranging from boards Andy painted to the apparel designs, if you’re in the area it is definitely worth your time to stop by.

Otherwise, you can check out the online store, the Electric Grapevine and a new Andoland is opening in Osaka, Japan with plans on future stores in Tokyo and North San Diego. Cruise by the store, check out the art, and pick up a shirt that will put a smile on your face and remind you that summer's calling.

Info and images (including tees) after the jump.

Contributed by Andrew Potash

770 West 17th Street, Suite 1
Costa mesa, CA 92627 map


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