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Superstar City Nyc2
Superstar City Tokyo2
Superstar City London2
Superstar City Ba2

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the renowned Superstar, adidas is releasing 35 new color/styleways in several different series. The latest includes 7 customs dedicated to the cities most responsible for making the Superstar a classic. New York, Tokyo, London and Buenos Aires are my favs, each expressing their city's unique style. The series will not be wide spread, but Adidas isn't playing the mystery game-- they've listed all the distributors on their site. Continue for more photos and details.

Superstar City Nyc1-1

New York features the names of the 5 boroughs stamped on and between the 3 stripes and an American flag styles apple on the heel.

Superstar City Tokyo1-1

Tokyo has a black-on-black dragon pattern and the city name in Japanese on the heel.

Superstar City London1-1

London's red and white pattern includes a faux lux coat of arm pattern.

Superstar City Ba1-1

Buenos Aires is appropriately the most colorful and includes a pattern of smiling suns.

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