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Retrowerk Steampunk Watches

by Watchismo in Style on 27 February 2009


Known for its durability, style, quality and efficiency, Retrowerk's watch is both tech-savvy and ultra Army-strong. Featuring compasses, portholes, steel pistons, crown covers and revolving jump hour discs, the German watch is prepared for any adventure.

The Piston (left) is a good example of Retrowerk's strong focus on design. It's a cross between intricate mechanical detail and functional precision with Swiss ETA 2824 movement, a grenade-like cap and steamroller case, making it a watch to envy .

The Compass (right) features a thick glass and steel case enclosing the dial. It also has three discs, for hours, minutes and seconds for a fun way to watch the time fly by. People will definitely be impressed with this multi-functional piece of gadgetry.

Purchase in steel or brass with prices ranging from $429-$1,098.


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