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5 in 1 Boutique

by Ami Kealoha
on 04 April 2007

Williamsburg's newest addition to the North 6th shopping row, studio 5 in 1, merges process and product seamlessly. The deep-set space housed in a 19th-century warehouse underwent a slew of renovations beginning last September, when graphic designer and founder, Norman Rabinovich, set out to redefine the space and his life. "I got lonely working alone and sought to create a community where people can work together or individually," he says. His designs led him to an office/studio/shop for those who lack the advantages of a workplace, as well as a storefront to offer their goods. Today, a group that includes clothing label Eventide, Greentech Media, and several other operations comprise the 5 in 1 office.

Recently, the group took its biggest leap forward when the 5 in 1 storefront opened to the public. The wood-paneled shop has a roughed-up vibe created by recycled planks and a stripped-down piano. Display cases bear designs of Made Her Think, while additional racks hold Eventide dresses, Andrea Brueckner handbags, and Pvblic graphic T-shirts. A blown-up Kurt Mangum photo hangs from the ceiling, suggesting the neighborhood's ongoing deterioration and renewal. As Norman affirms, "the studio is an organic entity with a face that can change at any given time."

5 in 1
60 North 6th Street (between Kent and Wythe Avenues)
Brooklyn, NY
+1 718.384.1990

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