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Link About It: This Week's Picks
Role-reversing frogs sing, comfortable trips to Mars, a museum of failures and more in our look around the web
by CH Editors
1. Art Basel's Best Instagram Moments If there's one thing we've all learned from art fair attendance, it's the unending opportunity for unique Instagram images one simply won't find elsewhere. With industry-leading Art Basel's 2017 Switzerland...
Sabah House, Venice
The brand finds a permanent home for their colorful leather shoes in California
by Julie Wolfson
A sun-dappled pathway from Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice leads to the newest Sabah House. They've filled the small white structure with vibrant, natural leather shoes stacked from floor to ceiling. The atmosphere feels so aptly “California” that...
Test Drive: FIAT’s 124 Spider Abarth
This car boasts Japanese precision and Italian soul
by CH Contributor
by Justin Kaehler FIAT’s 124 Spider traces its history back to 1968, when the original Pininfarina-designed roadster of the same name first hit the world stage. This ’68 Spider was everything an Italian automobile should be: a stripped-down...
Six Expectation-Defying Summer Cocktails
Out of the ordinary tequila, whisky and rum drinks that impress the palate
by David Graver
Cocktails, much like characters, extend from archetypes. It's variations on the tried and true (and familiar) that primarily populate even the most innovative mixed drinks menus. Only once in a blue moon does a cocktail defy this logic and extend from...
Interview: Jennie Maneri on Herman Miller's Consumer Experiences
We visit the recently reimagined retail store in NYC
by Josh Rubin
We met Jennie Maneri at the Herman Miller NYC store on a recent morning before its opening hours. She greeted us with a cup of Earl Grey tea in-hand and, despite clearly setting foot in to a store, we kind of felt like we were in her home. And that...
Microsoft HoloLens + Rémy Martin's "Rooted In Exception" Mixed-Reality Experience
A tech giant and an iconic cognac brand join forces to educate about distilling
by CH Contributor
by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick Cognac is perhaps the most luxurious of brandies. It’s a wine that few would choose to drink before it’s twice distilled and matured in French oak casks, where it transforms into a nutty, smooth and refined spirit...
WORLDZ Summit 2017
Forward-thinking with some of the world's most successful brands and the people who run them
by CH Editors
Gathering some of the brightest and most creative brains and brands in one place, WORLDZ is more than an event—it's also a community. With speakers ranging from Shiza Shahid (CEO of The Malala Fund) to Marc Mathieu (CMO of Samsung) to Brad Jenkins...
HODINKEE + TAG Heuer Limited Edition Chronograph Wristwatch
A rare Carrera Skipper design revived and upgraded
by David Graver
Leave it to the team at HODINKEE to find a vintage timepiece—of which only 20 known examples exist—and bring it to life with contemporary flair and relevance. The "Skipperera," reference 7754, debuted in 1967—a Tag Heuer commission following...
Ascending Cascade Mountain with Canadian Rockies Mountain Guides
Founder Patrick Jerome helps us up the iconic east side of the peak
by Katharine Erwin
As expected for mid-June, there are flowers on the Bow Valley floor in Alberta, Canada, but the surrounding mountains are covered in snow. Because of this recent snow fall, our climb will be a little more difficult, says our guide Patrick Jerome. The...
Paddle8 + Sotheby's La Mer Wave Walk
50 artists, including Dustin Yellin, Tali Lenox and David King Reuben, go to auction benefitting Project 0
by David Graver
For a month now, 50 works by 50 different artists—hailing from various artistic backgrounds—have been scattered throughout the iconic streets and important edifices of NYC. In the form of a circular wave (or, in the case of Julian Schnabel's contribution...
Phaidon's "On Eating Insects" Guide + Matching Snacky Tunes' Playlist
A holistic approach to critter-nibbling with recipes from the Nordic Food Lab
by David Graver
Centuries of civilizations have relied on insects for sustenance or flavor. And yet, the gourmet-driven resurgence of critter consumption is a relatively new Western phenomenon. Phaidon's recently published "On Eating Insects: Essays, Stories and Recipes...
NYC-Made West 32 Soju
A smooth take on the Korean alcohol
by CH Contributor
by Sun Pak Step into any Korean restaurant on a weekend night and you'll find similar set-ups at every table: a green bottle of soju perched next to plates of sizzling meats (or bubbling stews) and a collection of small vegetable sides. The...
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