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Bleachers and Carly Rae Jepsen, DJ Shadow and Nas, a stop-motion video from Exit Kid and more in our musical round-up
by CH Editors
Bleachers feat. Carly Rae Jepsen: Hate That You Know Me With Carly Rae Jepsen on back-up vocals, Bleachers' new track "Hate That You Know Me" will appear on the band's second record Gone Now, set for release 2 June. With a slightly distorted bass...
Link About It: Earth Day 2017 Edition
Some fascinating, recent news about our beautiful planet
by CH Editors
1. 3D-Printed Coral Could Save Our Endangered Reefs Jacques Cousteau's grandson Fabien Cousteau believes that synthetic, 3D-printed coral might be the thing to save our endangered reefs. According to CNET, "In nature, coral reefs are made up of...
Interview: Multimedia Artist Yuri Suzuki
The talented creative discusses his immersive installation for Audi during Milan Design Week 2017
by CH Studio
One of the more powerful installations at Milan Design Week 2017 was London-based multimedia artist Yuri Suzuki’s “First of all, it’s not 100% demonstrating a car, but they really wanted to demonstrate the concept—the philosophy behind what they...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
Electric cars, Record Store Day, debunking Star Trek theories and more in our look at the web
by CH Editors
1. Star Wars + Record Store Day Milestone Anniversary Turntable In celebration of the 10th annual Record Store Day, as well as the 40th anniversary of the very first "Star Wars" film, Crosley Radio has made a limited edition record player. Only...
Nikon Love Letters to New York
A digital campaign to encourage those living in the Big Apple to share their own beautiful images and messages of appreciation
by Josh Rubin
When the core of a social media campaign is an authentic request to share love—of all types—even when it's neatly wrapped up in a brand message, it's hard to deny the importance. This is precisely what's drawn us to the new Nikon "Love Letters from...
420 Happens Twice a Day
Celebrating cannabis culture and its ever-evolving industry, some of our favorite new products
by CH Editors
Cannabis culture in the United States has come a long way—especially in recent years, thanks to medical marijuana use being legalized across 28 of the 50 states. While 4/20 is a day for many to celebrate, it's no longer the cliched stoner holiday...
Interview: Ankur Jain, Founder of Kairos Society + VP of Product at Tinder
The serial entrepreneur discusses global challenges and his strategy for the next generation to address them
by David Graver
From the Innovation Board of the X-Prize Foundation to the World Economic Forum's select group of Young Global Leaders, Ankur Jain has proven to be more than a serial entrepreneur with an understanding of tech needs. In 2014, we spoke with Jain to...
Master & Dynamic MA770 Concrete Speaker
Designed in collaboration with architect Sir David Adjaye, a sculptural piece that is equally beautiful and functional
by Josh Rubin
NYC-based Master & Dynamic has already garnered plenty of well-deserved attention for their premium-quality headphones and earphones, and today the young audio company is launching their first-ever speaker. Designed in collaboration with celebrated...
Milano Design Award 2017: Winning Installations
Abstract, colorful and immersive, the best pieces from design week
by Paolo Ferrarini
Each year, after visiting Milan Design Week, everybody wants to discuss their own list of favorites. A few years ago Elita had the idea of turning the gatherings of designers and friends that used to happen at Valentina Ventrelli’s home into a real...
Sigur Rós + Lord Jones Edible Cannabis Gumdrops
A "Wild Sigurberry" flavor of blackberry, strawberry and blueberry, in five dosage levels
by Josh Rubin
Many of us have turned to the Icelandic band Sigur Rós for soothing, soaring sensations in their over two decades worth of music. Similarly, many also reach to cannabis products for that same all-encompassing calmness. Thanks to California's Lord...
Chef Chuck George Turns MREs into Michelin Plates
Photographer Henry Hargreaves and videographer Jimmy Pham capture Army meals being plated as if they were served at top restaurants
by David Graver
It's hard to deny the impact of food styling on our perception of a meal. The barebones packaging of MREs (military-issued meals, ready to eat) tends to indicate that what you'll find within is nothing more than essential. But when NYC-based chef Chuck...
Test Drive: 2017 Land Rover Discovery
The brand's most capable SUV is designed to deliver suburban delight
by Evan Orensten
The impressive fifth generation Land Rover Discovery is a ground-up redesign of the brand’s most capable (and likely most popular) vehicle—an all-purpose, family-friendly SUV with brand-defining off-road capabilities and suburban appeal. Sitting above...
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