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A song supporting Standing Rock, new music by Lana Del Rey, The Internet's youngest member and more
by CH Editors
Holly Miranda + The New Asylum Choir: Midnight Oil For her beautiful new track "Midnight Oil," singer/songwriter Holly Miranda has been joined by 28 other voices who unite under the moniker New Asylum Choir—including icon Ani DiFranco and Kyp Malone...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
A braille smartwatch, Google Doodle celebrating our new planet friends, color-changing hair dye and more
by CH Editors
1. New Planets Are a Google Doodle The news that NASA discovered an exoplanet system some 40 light-years (235 trillion miles) away from Earth—three of which are in the habitable (or Goldilocks) zone—was a big deal yesterday. Never a company to...
Vault by Vans Capsule Collection by Our Legacy
Sweden's minimal menswear brand unites hardcore spirit and monochromatic coloration for the footwear icon
by David Graver
The latest from Vault, iconic footwear brand Vans' premium division where historic silhouettes are given a modern boost, happens to be a monochromatic wonder—yet has bright orange at its core. The 10-piece footwear and 12-piece apparel capsule...
Introducing William Schwing: the First-Ever #LiveThem Award Winner
A serious passion (and plan) for fried chicken has paid off
by CH Studio
The first-ever #LiveThem Award—a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING and Rémy Martin®—has been fascinating to follow. The entries were countless and the passions wildly varied. The winner was difficult to pick, but ultimately we chose...
Four Creyente Mezcal Cocktail Recipes from Cosme
NYC's buzzing Mexican restaurant flexes its creative muscles with the new agave liquor
by David Graver
It's safe to say that the popularity of mezcal owes a lot to the bartenders who began to use the agave spirit in signature cocktail creations early on. It make sense, then, that for the US debut of newcomer Creyente Mezcal they would seek out a destination...
Interview: Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman of Tilit NYC
The duo’s chef-inspired workwear brand reaches for Supreme status
by Karen Day
For the past four years, husband-and-wife duo Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman have been quietly stitching together what seems destined to become a future classic among American heritage brands. Tilit—short for utility—is their take on modern workwear...
Architect and Designer Jeffrey Beers Discusses Gotham Market
Uniting eight distinct restaurants within Brooklyn's The Ashland
by David Graver
Beneath The Ashland residences in Fort Greene, Brooklyn a new eight restaurant center—Gotham Market—has just opened its doors. Within, one finds floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick, reclaimed wood and, of course, numerous food and drink options...
All-Women Ice-Climbing Camp, BC
Sarah Hueniken leads a team on various multi-pitch routes through Field, in Banff National Park
by Katharine Erwin
Sarah Hueniken is one of the strongest ice- and mixed-climbers in the world (regardless of gender) and while she does spend time competing, the majority of her year is dedicated to guiding and teaching the sport. She leads private trips for ice-, rock...
Seedlip, The Non-Alcoholic Spirit
Two copper-pot-distilled, handcrafted liquids lending the illusion of alcohol
by David Graver
It almost seems unnecessary to say, but there are many alternatives to drinking alcohol. None, however, offer what Seedlip does. Producer in copper stills just like a premium alcohol, Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirit quite reminiscent of gin...
Steven Spazuk's Impressive Fire Art
The artist tells us his Zippo lighter is both a tool and a muse
by CH Studio
In a truly romantic tale, artist Steven Spazuk says that the idea to paint using flames came to him in a dream. After his first attempt—which resulted in a page burnt to a crisp—he became obsessed with perfecting the technique. From there, he started...
Tom Blachford's "Midnight Modern" From PowerHouse Books
The Palm Springs modernist architecture photo series in hardcover form
by David Graver
Since our introduction to a new body of work from Melbourne-base photographer Tom Blachford in 2015, we've been graced with new announcements in his acclaimed "Midnight Modern" series every year. Taken by the beauty of Palm Springs, CA and propelled...
Sapira Luxury Mattresses
Crafted from high-quality, 100% American-made materials, a bed component for easy sleeping
by Katie Olsen
While the one-kind-fits-all mattress isn't a new concept, getting it right is no easy task. Cool Hunting team members have tested several different versions and have, of course, found them to be of varying comfort and quality, but one certainly...
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