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Link About It: This Week's Picks

Virgin's in-flight flirting, Chances With Wolves zine, Time 100 and more in our weekly look at the web

by CH Editors
on 27 April 2013
1. Film Scanning App

One of the more clever digital developments in analog photography we've seen of late, Android app Helmut allows users to scan processed negatives using just your phone and a simple light box (or another phone as we found out). Once scanned you can crop and even make basic edits with brightness/contrast, levels, color balance and saturation tools.

2. In-Flight Flirting

It looks like the Mile High Club just got more accessible. Billionaire Richard Branson has launched an in-flight feature on Virgin America that allows passengers to send drinks, snacks and meals to other guests along with amorous messages. In announcing the service, Branson also claimed that the chances of "deplaning with a plus one are at least 50 percent."

3. Chances With Wolves "Gazine"

Music aficionados and DJs Chances With Wolves continue to take their show well beyond the confines of East Village Radio with a range of gigs that have them performing all over NYC as well as LA. Now they add publisher to their growing list of accomplishments with the launch of a 32-page, full color zine, aptly called Gazine. The first issue highlights a slew of intriguing creatives, from Tim Barber to Tone Tank and more. Pick up a copy online for just $9.

4. Laser Forest

Nothing short of awe-inspiring, Marshmallow Laser Feast's recent installation at the Eindhoven STRP Biennale immersed people in an empty factory space strewn with 150 rods and neon lasers. Touching a rod triggered light and audio responses, transforming the hollow arena into a massive interactive instrument.

5. Listing Under the Influence

With the 10th edition of Time 100 hitting newsstands this week, Joel Stein—the man behind Time's "Awesome Column"—humorously breaks down the selection process for how his colleagues come to choose the world's most influential people each year. His unofficial analysis leads him to speculate with everyone from baseball statistics wiz Bill James (who himself made the list in '06) to Buzzfeed editorial director Scott Lamb, who offer little insight on Time's actual approach, but share in the notion that list-making is an "inherently arbitrary" but entertaining look at present culture.

6. Maraham and Miller Wedding

Michigan-based Herman Miller purchased renowned textile design firm Maharam this week. Both leaders in their respective fields, the exciting acquisition bridges the gap between two companies who've shared many iconic designers over the years. Good things to come we're sure.

7. Currency App

With a slick interface and just the right amount of functionality, the new iOS app Currency makes converting and crunching numbers appealing, picking up where Siri so often fails. Highlights include a swipe-to-clear function and the ability to use it even when cell service is shoddy.

8. Running Buddies

An awesome concept from Stray Rescue in St. Louis partners up shelter dogs with local runners for daily exercise. In addition to improving quality of life, the increased activity level also makes the dogs less stressed when potential owners come by—increasing the likelihood that they will find a good home.

9. Brooks C17 Saddle

Creating quite a buzz within the cycling community this week, Brooks England announced the new C17 Cambium vegan saddle. Founded in 1866, the iconic leather saddle maker is expanding its comfort zone with the natural rubber and organic cotton topped saddle. The C17 will launch in June, but 100 testers are being chosen to demo the saddle before then, so sign up now.

10. Turbine Climbing Robot

Inspecting a gigantic bladed tower seems like a simple challenge, but further consideration begs the question, "Just how the hell do you get up there?" The HR-MP from Helical Robots is the latest in wind turbine repair tech. This industrious little robot is totally wireless and with its magnetic wheels it can cruise right up and all around wind turbines to report back on their status.

11. A Visual Compendium of Cameras

From the evolution of video game controllers to the history of Apple, Pop Chart Lab's posters always put an intriguing pictorial spin on any cultural reference they take on, and their latest is no exception. A Visual Compendium of Cameras is a compilation of the best-looking and most iconic cameras from 1888 to the present, with new inductees like the Ricoh GR, Lytro and GoPro Hero 3 joining classics like the Kodak Brownie and Leica A.

12. Magnetic Putty Magic

It's always great when you come across a gem on the internet that make you ferociously google where to purchase something you probably don't need. In this video we see some intrepid individuals having fun with magnetic putty, which when put in the presence of a magnet gets a little aggressive.

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