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Veré Spicy Pumpkorn

by Ami Kealoha
on 25 October 2007

Coated in rich, dark chocolate and with addictive spiced pumpkin seeds, Veré's take on caramel corn, called Pumpkorn, is just in time for Halloween. Samples of the new product at CH HQ were quickly gobbled up—our tasters were surprised but enjoyed the pleasant heat of the Chipotle chile powder. The spice contrasts nicely with the sticky sweetness of the caramel, the crunch of the corn and the nuttiness of the seeds. It's a perfect Autumnal treat by one of our favorite chocolate-makers, but we're already hearing rumors from Veré that it might become a year-round specialty.

Currently Pumpkorn's limited to Veré's local markets in Manhattan (see a list of stores after the jump), retailing for $5 per bag.

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