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Wood-fired pizza pies in the comfort of your kitchen

by Kat Herriman in Food + Drink on 16 January 2013


Determined to bring the quality of wood-fired pizza home without having to invest in the pricey and cumbersome options that fill the market, Kristian Tapaninaho created the prototype for Uuni, an affordable, wood-burning oven that is small enough to keep in the kitchen. About the size of a suitcase and weighing just 15 pounds, the Uuni is a realistic revelation for pizza enthusiasts everywhere.

Unlike traditional domestic ovens which only reach temperatures between 500°F to 600°F, the Uuni is able to replicate the high temperatures of traditional wood-burning ovens between 600°F to 840°F. It is this scorching heat that enables the Uuni to mimic the signature charred and chewy crust of Neapolitan-style pizza that is impossible to create at only 500°. Like any other wood-fire oven, the Uuni requires a little prep work, but for the dedicated home chef, the results are worth it. Once the compact oven is fired up—which takes a mere 20 minutes—each pizza also takes a significantly reduced amount of time to cook in comparison to the regular homemade pie—approximately three minutes each.

Prototyped for Kickstarter in November, the Uuni is available for pre-order now on Uuni's website and is expected to ship this summer, just in time for backyard pizza parties.

Images courtesy of Uuni


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