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QUIN Candy

Fruit-based, natural handmade candies from the Northwest

by Graham Hiemstra in Food + Drink on 01 August 2013

QUIN-candy.jpg QUIN-candy-2.jpg

On a recent trip to the City of Roses we wandered upon QUIN, an ingredient-driven candy shop in the newly opened Union Way shopping center—which will host Steven Alan, Danner and Self Edge, among others. The extremely small shop offers all the delicious, handmade goodies you'd expect from a Portland-based brand, with a more mature, modern brand aesthetic. While QUIN makes and sells a range of natural candies—from lollipops and caramels to gumdrops and marshmallows—we went straight for the Dreams Come Chew. Essentially real fruit-based Starbursts, the hand-wrapped candies are made with a short list of natural ingredients. The sweet and fruity candies come in a few different flavors, with strawberry and tangerine being the stand-outs among CH staffers.

Find Dreams Come Chew and the rest of QUIN's candies at their newly opened SW Portland, Oregon store and online.

Images by Graham Hiemstra


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