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by Wendy Dembo in Food + Drink on 31 October 2006


If you haven’t heard about the wonders of Pinkberry, it's neither a new fragrance nor a nasty skin condition but rather a frozen yogurt phenomena that's already taken over LA and recently opened their first NYC location in Koreatown. Available in only two flavors, plain and green tea (although I've heard no one ever gets the green tea), it’s the many toppings—fresh fruit, crunchy sugary cereal, cookie crumbs, nuts, etc.—that elevate the frozen treat into a personalized dessert. Especially delicious after a salty, garlic-y Korean meal, the yogurt is tangy like real yogurt and not overly sweet like normal frozen yogurt. The space is modernly decorated with Philippe Starck's crystal-clear Charles Ghost stools and Victoria Ghost chairs and wavy, repro pendant lights by Poul Christiansen. Be on the lookout for new stores in Chelsea, the Upper East Side and Soho.

7 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001 map
tel. +1 (212) 695 9631


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