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Papá Andrés Rum

An opulent new sipping rum for collectors, explorers and connoisseurs

by David Graver
on 10 February 2014

Continuing on their path of creating high-end, sipping rums, Brugal has released Papá Andrés (named for the company’s founder, Don Andrés Brugal) with a limited edition run of just 500 bottles per year—with each year being a different blend than the previous. Once only enjoyed by the Brugal family and a few lucky collectors, now the rum will be available to the public. Three cask styles, hand-selected by the Maestros Roneros (Masters of Rum) in the Dominican Republic—first-filled Spanish Sherry Oak casks, Ex-Pedro Ximenez Sherry Oak casks and First Rum Filled White American Oak casks—make up the blend. The flavors lend their signature majesty to a liquor closely resembling a fine whiskey. It's a rum that maintains a delicate yet tasty elegance, making it very easy on the tongue.

The various woods factor prominently in both aroma and palate. From sip to finish, the spirit maintains a light, near-sweet coat of fruit and the spice familiar to rum drinkers. The viscosity makes for a fuller, longer presence of all the flavors. It's a very special blend and highly drinkable, as direct as it is enjoyable. It really defies every rum stereotype. To round out the package, Papá Andrés is bottled in a pristine crystal decanter, designed by Latin American 3D packaging firm Tridimage but manufactured by RCR Cristalleria Italiana in Siena, Italy. It's a bottle worthy of such a splendid sipper.

Papá Andrés retails for $1,200 per bottle at select retailers, visit the Brugal website for more information.

Images courtesy of Brugal Rum

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