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Nature's Catch Smoked Salmon Jerky

The classic road-trip snack gets a healthy, sustainable update

by Margaret Kaminski in Food + Drink on 09 August 2010


A traveler's staple, beef jerky boasts a low calorie count but provides little other health benefits. Nature's Catch serves up a nutritiously tasty substitute with their Smoked Salmon Jerky.

Using only wild Alaskan salmon, the Blaine, Washington-based company keeps sustainability in mind—the Environmental Defense Fund names salmon as one of the best eco-friendly fish to eat—when creating their thinly sliced jerky. Drawing on the well-managed population of salmon inhabiting the Pacific Northwest, the snack is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats, as well as vitamins D, B6 and B12.

Marinated and then carefully smoked, the salmon jerky has the fishy taste you would expect accented by the smoky flavor of traditional beef jerky. Nature's Choice also offers a soy sauce-infused flavor for a Teriyaki-on-the-go experience.

Free of artificial preservatives, trans fat, artificial flavors, MSG or GMO's, Nature's Catch Smoked Salmon Jerky sells for $5 per two-ounce package. To order contact Nature's Catch.


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