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Lac Chocolatier

by Evan Orensten
on 25 January 2006

Pascal Lac is a well known patissier, chocolatier and glacier in Nice and neighboring Beaulieu sur Mer in the south of France. Locals worship his perfectly simple confections, and some of the best restaurants in the area serve his work with pride. A visit to one of his two stores is a total sensory overload. CHHQ is very grateful that our friend Lorin, a chef and globe-trotter, dropped off a box of Guérandes this week. They are small dark chocolates with a caramel and fleur de sel ganache filling, the house specialty. If you're lucky enough to have one, you'll enjoy the experience.

Lac is very under the radar. You won't find it online or in any stores that we know of (please hit us up if you know of any).

Pascal Lac

35, bd Marinoni
06310 Beaulieu sur Mer
+33 4 93 01 35 85

18, rue Barla
06300 Nice
+33 4 93 55 37 74

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