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Kobayashi Noodles

Gluten-free pasta alternatives in three tasty varieties

by Evan Orensten in Food + Drink on 05 August 2011

G-free-noodle-1.jpg G-free-noodle-2.jpg G-free-noodle-3.jpg

With a cook time of only three minutes, Kobayashi Noodle Company's gluten-free noodles are a deliciously filling staple made with 100% Japanese white and brown rices. Using a koshihikari variety of the grain lends delicious texture and taste thanks to being rich in amylase (an enzyme that helps break down sugars).

The wheat-, dairy- and egg-free pasta has even fewer calories, as well as less fat and protein than traditional wheat noodles. Plus, they come in fettucini-style, ramen, and udon noodle varieties to accommodate different culinary preferences.

To help consumers adjust their cooking methods to the noodles' accelerated cook time, the Kobayashi site offers plenty of helpful cooking tips and presumably delicious recipes. All varieties sell for $4 a pack from the online shop.

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