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Jetboil's Limited Edition Titanium French Press

An ultra-lightweight way to make coffee for two or more in the field

by Graham Hiemstra
on 09 January 2015

Whether in the city or out in the fresh, crisp mountain air, a hot cup of coffee will work wonders. In the past, we've championed Snow Peak's titanium french press, though its 24-ounce size isn't ideal for groups. The recently released Jetboil Javastein, on the other hand, is. With a 1.8 liter capacity, it offers the option to make enough Joe for two, if not three, people. Made of titanium and in limited numbers, the ultra-lightweight accessory (weighing just 220 grams) is great for backpacking, car camping or adding a rugged touch to your morning coffee routine at home.

The individually numbered Jetboil Javastein sells for $90 from EMS and comes with a Grande Coffee Press that can be used with other Jetboil products.

Image by Cool Hunting

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