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Holiday Recipes: Mustard Soft Pretzels

Salty starters to fend off snacking guests

by CH Editors
on 12 November 2012

In anticipation of the various gatherings that occur this time of year, we've pulled together five of our favorite cookbooks from recent months. Each day this week, CH will feature a different cookbook and a recipe, the sum of which will make up a complete holiday meal. First up: a braided starter from "Salty Snacks."

Cynthia Nims authors this bible for roaming eaters, delivering 75 recipes that range from curry-pickled quail eggs and deviled bacon to onion pakoras and duck jerky. For the holidays, Nims' creations stave off in-laws who insist on whetting their appetite before dinner is served. Musing over the recipes, we decided to give the Mustard Soft Pretzels a whirl, figuring these doughy bread items would make for easy and informal hors d'oeuvres at our next family gathering.


What separates Nims' pretzels from the run-of-the-mill variety is that hers aren't served alongside a pot of mustard. Instead, the rustic, grainy condiment is baked into the bread, resulting in a moist interior and infused flavor. As newcomers to homemade pretzels, we were a bit anxious to embark on a bread that is both boiled and baked. That said, the snacks proved to be surprisingly easy to make. Best of all, most well-stocked kitchens will already have the ingredients on hand—with the possible exception of malt powder.

"Salty Snacks" sells from Amazon for $12. Read the full recipe after the jump.

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