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Heath Picnic Set

by Ami Kealoha
on 31 March 2008

From the ceramicists responsible for fusing Modern aesthetics with Northern California earthiness, the Heath Picnic Set is a chic addition to warm weather outings. A collaboration with S.Stein bags, the suede and canvas tote holds two three-piece place settings securely in a removable caddy. (See an image after the jump.) There's also a slot for wine, a pocket for linens and cutlery, as well as a loop for keys.

Like Heath ceramics, the bag is designed to last a lifetime and does double duty as a tote for just about anything, so you'll be sure to use it year-round. Heirloom quality pieces don't come cheap of course; buy the set in Persimmon or Olive ($548) or just the bag ($348) online from Heath.

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