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General Manufacturing Langley Churchkey

Crack a open cold one with this hand made, solid brass bottle opener

by Graham Hiemstra in Food + Drink on 10 May 2013


From a bike-mounted bottle opener to corkscrew upcycled from skateboards, we always appreciate a well-designed beverage opener. The latest to land at our feet is the Langley Churchkey from Brooklyn's General Manufacturing (Gen Mfg Co). Made of 1/8" solid brass stock, the hand-crafted opener offers one of the more elegant, sculptural options for cracking a cold one we've seen of late. And at only 4" in length, the Langley Churchkey fits perfectly in your hand or pocket.

Another handsome example of Gen Mfg Co's commitment to making things a little simpler and more refined, the Langley Churchkey falls right in line with the Wilson Keyring, which we introduced a few months back. Find the bottle opener from General Manufacturing now for $42.

Images courtesy of General Manufacturing


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