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Folie Pâtisserie

Traditionally-inspired sweets and flavored macaroons with Brazilian flair

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen
on 08 September 2011

The Brazilian aesthetic might be most easily defined by touches of nature and color. This is also the case with regional food, like iFolie's inventive, artisanal macaroons and chocolates, which come packaged in keepsake giftboxes that add even more color.

A partnership between Carolina Carnicelli and Renata Fernandes, Folie recently opened the doors of their production facility in a renovated house on a quiet street in São Paolo's Pinheiros neighborhood. Now they offer eight flavors of macaroons and four types of chocolate candy each week, with flavors changing depending on seasonal ingredients and the owners' whims.


Carnicelli and Fernandes are always experimenting with new flavors. The shop's most recent floral-based macaroon collection has eight flavors including jasmine and orange blossom. Also taking advantage of fresh Brazilian tropical fruits, the duo creates tasty treats like passion-fruit macaroons. Chocolate macaroons made with Ecuadorean and Carribbean cocoa are standouts with all their subtle floral and nut flavors. Brazilians love the renditions of favorite childhood desserts such as brigadeiro (chocolate and condensed milk) and the fresh-coconut-milk-based beijinho. For more adult tastes, there are also macaroons inspired by drinks—from gin and tonic to the Brazilian caju amigo (cashew juice with vodka).

Despite the variety of macaroons, locals favor the lascas—delicately thin sheets of chocolate loaded with caramelized balsamic vinegar, dried strawberries or caramel-covered cornflakes awash in milk chocolate.


The crocs, mounds of chocolate with a combination of crunchy and chewy ingredients like dried cranberry, pistachio and caramel, are also popular. Adding another distinctly Brazilian flair, custom boxes are designed to hold other objects after consuming the product inside.


Maintaining a strict emphasis on quality, the duo use the best, freshest and local (when possible) ingredients. Their macaroons require three days to make, and they skip preservatives so their confections are best eaten swiftly (which fortunately isn't often a problem).

Visitors to the atelier are personally attended to by either Carnicelli or Fernandes, making the experience wholly personal and intimate, just like their sweets. Contact Folie for mail orders, delivery and additional information.

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