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The Eiskaffe

A Viennese chef shows us how to make a creamy summer coffee treat

by Aaron Kohn in Food + Drink on 12 July 2010

Recently, we've been taking well-deserved midday breaks from the heat with a Viennese treat that joins two classic summer coolers—ice cream and iced coffee. When we asked Austrian chef Eduard Frauneder (owner of NYC's Seasonal restaurant) to tell us more about Eiskaffes, he showed us his slightly more petite version of the traditional summer beverage. Straightforward and simple enough for anyone to make, check out the video and recipe below to learn how to whip up your own "more refined milkshake."


Four Servings
-1 Scoops of vanilla ice cream (preferably homemade!)
-2 Shots of espresso (or a similar amount of strong filtered coffee), cooled to room temperature
-2 Tablespoons of whipped cream

Starting with the ice cream in a bowl, slowly fold the coffee and a tablespoon of the whipped cream into the ice cream until smooth. The mixture should be a light brown color, but not too strong.

Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and, as Eduard recommends, some seasonal fresh fruit like strawberry slices.

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