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Ecreamery Custom Made Ice Cream

by Evan Orensten
on 12 January 2006

If your local market doesn't satisfy your ice cream cravings, check out Ecreamery, where you can create your own ice cream from 3 base mixes (gelato, classic and super premium), 99 flavors, and 99 mix-ins/toppings. Then you get to name your creation. This luxury does not come cheap: 4 pints (the smallest order) with a single flavor and a single mix-in will set you back around $52 (including shipping). You may not get props from Martha Stewart for pointing-and-clicking instead of making your own (it's not that hard), but your friends will surely be impressed when they sample your one-of-a-kind creation.

If custom desserts are your thing, make sure you check out Milk&Cookies Bakery, a small New York City bakery that offers a dozen freshly-baked custom cookies for $12. They are a CH favorite.

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