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DRY Soda

by Evan Orensten in Food + Drink on 31 July 2006


Seattle-based DRY Soda offers four flavors of "culinary" soda that were created to be paired with food—a strategy similar to that of Modern Spirits Vodka.

One of the first things you notice about DRY sodas is the aroma of the four flavors, which is pleasant and not overwhelming. The sodas are caffeine free, very lightly sweetened with cane sugar, flavored with natural fruit and herb extracts and weigh in at a guilt free 50-70 calories. The packaging and bottles are also nicely designed

Our favorites were Kumquat, "With its high acidity and and bright fruitiness" it goes with just about everything, and Rhubarb, which "capatures both the sweet complexity and the mouth-watering tartness" and can be paired to any food that's in good company with a hearty red wine. We also enjoyed the Lemongrass and the Lavendar flavors.

Available in stores and restaurants on the West coast, and online from DRY Soda (a case of 12 bottles is $25).

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