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Daylesford Organic

by SummerSeventySix
on 12 April 2006

While he was over here in London last week, Evan took a look at the food from Daylesford Organic and urged me to do the same. Produced on 7,000 acres in both the Cotswolds and Staffordshire, it aims to tick all those boxes the ethical consumer looks out for: organic, fresh, seasonal and local. I grabbed lunch from the Daylesford concession in Selfridges - just a couple of salads with a superb cookie - and checked out the various things they have on offer. The produce is obviously of high quality, with its provenance made clear. The design of the packaging is eye-catching too. Milk is sold in what looks like biodegradable detergent pouches, the dark chocolate truffles come in a minimalist heart-shaped box and the condiments kept airtight in chunky glass pots.

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