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Clarence Court

Rare chickens star in a specialty egg producer's new campaign

by Karen Day in Food + Drink on 28 October 2010

clarencecourt1.jpg clarencecourt2.jpg

With the the tagline "fabulous eggs by fabulous birds," Clarence Court's glossy new website and ad campaign provide the proper spotlight for their exquisite rare hens. The work of full-service agency WFCA, the imagery successfully realizes the request by Clarence Court's marketing director Vicki Hazel to take the brand from farming to foodie with alluring photography, educational information on specialty eggs and toothsome recipes.

clarence1.jpg clarence2.jpg clarence3.jpg

Photographer Richard Mountney's dramatically-lit shots have a style that shows off the resplendent feathering of the creatures, similar to English photographer Stephen Green-Armytage's book "Extraordinary Chickens" and recent Alexander McQueen collections alike. Casting the birds in such a beautifully sophisticated light—rather than with more typically rustic allusions—makes a luxurious impression in keeping with the brand's appealingly colorful, strong-shelled product, which sells at upmarket British groceries like Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.


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