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Citrocasa Fantastic

A state-of-the-art automatic juicer now available for home and commercial use

by Jack Johnson in Food + Drink on 21 July 2011


Citrocasa, the Austrian juicer barons, have finally made their premier juicers available stateside. Having dominated the commercial juicer market in Europe, they've released a new, significantly smaller product intended for small businesses and residences. It is called the Fantastic, and it is one fine piece of Austrian engineering.

Sporting a rating of 30 OPM (oranges per minute) this juicer is three times as fast as any conventional one. It completely deconstructs for cleaning and features a patented cutting system which prevents any rind from getting to your glass.


40% smaller than any other Citrocasa model (though still a hefty 55 kg/121 lbs), the juicer's compact design makes for a dense but space-saving machine. Its sleek, stylish design will complement any kitchen counter. Contact Citrocasa USA for ordering inquiries.


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