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Chuao Chocopods

by Ami Kealoha in Food + Drink on 07 June 2007


The new Chuao Chocopods are cacao bean-shaped chocolate treats filled with one of six inventive flavors, like spicy cabernet or strawberry and balsamic. Our tasters fell for the surprisingly pleasing banana-brown sugar combo and spicy macadamia praline (the only non-caramel option) in particular. The little pods join the growing number of chocolates created to satisfy cravings for just a touch of chocolate—it's worth noting that each piece has only 60 calories.

Like Chocopods, Chuao's other products, like bars, bonbons and hot chocolate mixes, use fine Venezuelan chocolate and are equally delicious. We especially liked the Caracas bar bursting with whole hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds and available in both milk and dark versions.


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