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Chocolate Covered Sweets and Gifts

by Evan Orensten
on 03 September 2008

Chocolate Covered Sweets and Gifts in San Francisco's Noe Valley is the manifestation of its passionate and slightly obsessive-compulsive owner, Jack Epstein. One half of the small shop is dedicated to chocolate, and the other to an assortment of small gift boxes and tins.

The gift boxes are often covered in beautiful Japanese art papers, and the tins—several hundred of them—feature the name of nearly every street in San Francisco (as well as known schools and buildings). He's more than happy to cover the boxes and tins with any image, which is a great way to customize a gift.

His chocolate preferences feature one of the largest selections you'll find anywhere. Highlights include: Local artisans (Michael Mischer Chocolates, Cacao Anasa, Jade Chocolates, Torn Ranch, Poco Dolce); standards from Belgium, France and Italy; small domestic producers like Smile Chocolatiers' Choclatea bars, Donnelly Chocolates, Knipschildt Chocolates; and Repackaged chocolates from Euphoria Chocolate Company, Señor Murphy, Anette's, and The Chocolate Smith. There's a lot of chocolate here—bars, truffles, dark, light, white—even a nice assortment of sugar free and vegan options.


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Chocolate Covered Sweets and Gifts
4069 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
tel. +1 415 641 8123

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