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Bos Iced Tea

A wholly indigenous iced tea that reflects South Africa's bold spirit

by Karen Day in Food + Drink on 02 March 2011


Bold "Afro pop" graphics set the tone for South Africa's newest cold beverage, an iced tea bursting with fruit flavor. Utilizing the region's indigenous Rooibos plant, Bos offers five caffeine- and preservative-free blends—Peach, Apple, Lemon, Energy and Slim—each mixed with spring water from Western Cape's Cederberg mountains.


Already an inherently healthy herb for its high level of antioxidants, the Rooibos in Bos tea is also ethically sourced from the Klipopmekaar farm and nature reserve. Klipopmekaar uses renewable energy and certified organic farming methods to cultivate the portion of land they dedicate to growing Rooibos—the rest of the 11,000-plus acres they keep as a bio-diverse wilderness reserve.


Reflecting the contents inside, Bos' graphic design for the slim tin cans combines African mythology with the continent's classic bright color palette. This attractive packaging recently placed Bos as a finalist for Design Indaba's "Most Beautiful Object" award.

Made entirely in South Africa, Bos has yet to take an international stage but sells from cafes around the country.


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