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A new Copenhagen spot reinvents the salad bar with deliciously raw recipes

by Ami Kealoha
on 13 July 2010
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Serving up fresh juices and creative salads—like watermelon-beetroot, strawberry-olive and asparagus-seaweed—in biodegradable packaging, Copenhagen's recently-opened 42°Raw is dedicated to "celebrating food and drink in their natural state."

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The healthy eatery, the first in the city serving only unprocessed and uncooked food, makes it their mission to create delicious recipes using seasonal produce that anyone can enjoy—whether vegetarian, vegan, raw or just looking for something deliciously nutritious. Making sure the salads please the palate as well as the eyes, 42°Raw draws on the talents of two veteran chefs Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov (the imaginative duo known for creating experimental food events). The pair came up with their initial menu of unusual salads and will continue to dream up new ideas according to weather and other changes.

With options so far like one mixing cherry tomatoes with avocado, red quinoa, arugula and a high-tech powdered dressing that melts into a vinaigrette (which I tried and loved), the new approach to health nut eating reinvents the lifestyle choice as a richer experience overall.

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The full lineup of salads, smoothies and sweet snacks are available for eat-in or take away (perfect for toting to the nearby Castle Gardens), providing an easy platform for eating sustainable and healthy foods on the go. Check out more images in the gallery below.

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