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Alexandre Duret-Lutz: Wee Planets

by CH Contributor
on 30 October 2009

by Adrienne So


French photographer Alexandre Duret-Lutz creates his wee planets from everyday panoramas. Using eight of his own photos—six horizontal, one of the sky overhead and one of the ground—Duret-Lutz fuses them together using stereographic projection software and various open-source digital retouching tools.

The effect is eerie and precious, as well as offering a new perspective on the view of planet Earth. Visually stunning, Duret-Lutz's photos not only mesmerize their audience, but also send a reminder of how small the earth really is, prompting us to take better care of it.


Prints are available at Imagekind, starting from $15. The prints on his Flickr site are also under a Creative Commons license, and thus free to download and print yourself.

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