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Vital Statistics

by Ami Kealoha
on 09 August 2005
Vitalstats Cover

Vital Statistics is the new Trivial Pursuit. Full of offbeat facts, the layout uses varying fonts in different sizes, color, and capsules to organize information into a format that's as highly thumbable as it is good-looking. Like the obviously ironic title indicates, the figures and tidbits aren't really need-to-know items, but nearly every entry fascinates (like that the largest diamond in the universe is a 10 billion trillion trillion carat rock, 50 light-years away, and in the constellation Cetaurus), some are surprising (City with the the highest number of plastic surgeons per capita: San Francisco), others amuse (Percentage of people who've ended a romantic relationship because of their cat: 11), and some seem pseudo-insightful (Wisconsin has the highest binge drinking rate of any state). Authored by Paul Grobman, a lawyer by trade, the book was born out of a collection of newspaper clippings and scraps of paper.

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