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Beautifully intricate stencils embellish everything from cappuccinos to cakes

by Karen Day in Design on 25 June 2010


Australian illustrator Megan Herbert brings her sketches to coffee with a set of intricately laser-cut stencils intended for bedecking coffees and cakes, dubbed Vinarþel. With an image of knitting and a pastoral landscape, the Reykjavik-based designer enhances the Scandinavian custom of connecting over coffee and a nosh for a good—often juicy—heart to heart.

stencils-knit1.jpg stencils-farm1.jpg

The two designs speak to Iceland's great landscape and heritage too and readily translate onto icing, froth or any other medium that Vinarþel inspires.

megan-stencils20.jpg megan-stencils21.jpg

Vinarþel stencils sell for €25 a set from Herbert's website or from Vopnabúrið, where you can pick up her conceptually beautiful wrapping paper or gift cards.

Photos by Marino Thorlacius


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